The Top 5 Email Optins Of 2021

Do you want to grow your email list? Start using these top 5 email optins from today’s article.

Email optins are vital in an email list-building strategy. You have to capture other people’s emails with planning. Sure, you can just put a little sign-up form on the end of your blog post and expect people to give you their emails. But only a few of them will sign up for that.

So if you want to grow your email list rapidly, email optins are the solution.

Email List Building And Email Optins

Email list building involves getting visitors’ emails so you can have future business communications with them.

There are several reasons for doing that. Probably, the biggest one is the control. Yes, when you have a person’s email (with their consent), you have control to send them emails directly and get a response.

Compare it to social media: If you have 10,000 followers, do all of them see your posts in their feeds? No. Social media has algorithms that can favor one page over another.

Consider Google. There are platform updates often which can affect your rankings. But if you have captured a lot of emails addresses using optins, you’ll still be marketing to them and getting an ROI even if Google is not showing you love.

But there are no algorithms in emails. If you avoid any shady tricks, follow best practices, and focus on providing value, most people will receive your emails (and hopefully, respond to them positively).

In addition, email marketing affects the purchasing decisions of your consumers. It also helps with customer retention, so it becomes vital to capture their emails.

Creating an email optin is not that easy. You can put a little sign-up form and say, “Hey, give me your email!” You have to do make an effort.

Let’s see how you can grow your email list using the top 5 email optins.

Top 5 Email Optins

On a related note, did you know that email can bring $42 for every $1 spent? Mind-blowing, right?

So make sure that you apply the top email optins I’m discussing now and get close to that staggering ROI.

Use Embedded Signup Forms

It’s probably the most traditional way of capturing emails. As the name says, you embed static forms on high-traffic pages. Make sure that you place them in visible areas, such as headers, footers, sidebars, and splash pages. If placed correctly, they can be a win.

The good thing about them is that they are welcoming. They remind people that they have the option to sign up. They are not forceful, so people use them with other proactive and dynamic list-building strategies that I’ll talk about below.

The thing to remember about them is that they don’t do the magic themselves: it’s the content of your page. If you have helped them solve a problem or they learned something valuable from the page, they might want to hear more from you.

Deploy Pop-Up And Overlays

Popups show a good conversion rate. Although they are tempting for marketers to use in their websites, you must be careful with them. Be sure to consider Google’s interstitial ad guidelines and avoid getting penalties.

Here are some common types of popups:

  • Welcome pop-ups: These pop-ups welcome visitors within the first 15 seconds of landing on a page. Try keeping them as simple as possible.
  • Exit-intent pop-ups: Did you know that you can save 10-15% of potentially lost visitors with a well-crafted exit intent pop-up?
  • Promotional Popups: You can give offers, discounts, and something else depending upon your niche.

Create Squeeze Pages

If you’re new to marketing, you might’ve not heard of this term before. It’s  is a dedicated lead capture landing page designed to “squeeze” information. It does that by restricting access to desired content or offer using a ‘gate’ (a signup form).

These pages have high exit rates. As long as you’re getting emails from it, don’t worry about it.

As an example, you can use a dedicated squeeze page that allows people to enroll on your waitlist. Be sure to keep it short and snappy.

You have to drive traffic to these pages. For that, use CTAs across your website, highlight the page in a blog post, or runs ads on social media.

Offer Content Upgrades

This can range from members-only sales to content pieces like guides, e-books, etc.

Make sure that this content is useful to people. This will ensure more engagement in the future.

Utilize Loyalty And Referral Programs

These programs can help you grow your email list from scratch. This can bring new subscribers as well as create value for existing customers.

For example, stores with a loyalty or rewards program make people more inclined to buy from them. If you create a similar program, make sure that it offers noteworthy benefits like access to members-only sales, gifts, events, content, and more.

Similarly, referral programs can create word-of-mouth marketing for you. People who are loyal to you can bring more customers to your business. A word from a family member or a friend holds more value than brand communication.

Final Words On Top Email Optins

PPC can only make you $2 for every $1 spent. Compare it to $42 for every $1 spent on email. This marketing channel is unique and rewarding in many ways.

So grow your email list using top email optins that can bring you a great ROI and give you more control over your marketing.

What is your favorite strategy from today’s article? Do let me know in the comments below.

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