TikTok Ads – Everything You Need To Know For 2021

TikTok Ads – Everything You Need To Know For 2021

TikTok has taken the world by storm. Unless you haven’t been following trends recently, everyone knows that this app has created a new culture of short, entertaining videos.

The great outreach with its 500 million monthly active users makes TikTok a great platform for advertising. TikTok is a very new app that makes it difficult to navigate for marketers. So before you get into TikTok Ads, you should learn important things about advertising on this platform.

Without wasting any time, let’s get into it.

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Basics of Tiktok Ads

TikTok is a social media app that allows users to create and share short videos set to music or custom track. There are plenty of content creators on the platform. However, anyone can join this platform to watch other people’s content, without creating their own content.

Since its popularity in 2018, many famous people like Will Smith, Gary Vaynerchuk have joined this platform. Many big names like Apple and Nike are already using TikTok ads to get more followers on this platform. These brands know the potential of this platform, and so should you.

You might be wondering that this platform is geared towards younger audiences. That’s true because 41% of users on TikTok are between the ages of 16 and 24.

Young people are famous for shopping online that also makes TikTok a great platform to place ads on. It is also reported that Tiktok is famous among female users. However, that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t go after older audiences and men on TikTok. Just keep in mind that the percentage of older people will be far less on this platform, so your ad should be highly targeted.

Now let’s see how we can use TikTok for advertising.

How to Use TikTok For Advertising

1. Creating A Profile

If you are not on this platform already, you should join it because of its marketing potential.

Even if you don’t end up creating ads on TikTok, you’ll be making connections with your audience in a creative way.

2. Paying For Official TikTok Ads

This needed a separate section because TikTok ads are expensive.

The starting price for Tiktok ads is $10 per CPM (cost per 1000 views). In addition to that, you’ll be asked to give $500 for a campaign. So, TikTok marketing is not for businesses with a low budget.

If you have a low budget, you can check other platforms like Reddit.

3. Create A TikTok Ads Account

Visit Tiktok ads homepage and create an account there. Fill out all the necessary details, and wait for 48 hours to get your account activated.

4. Create A TikTok Ad Campaign

Once your account is activated, click on the Campaign tab in the dashboard, and then click the Create button. There, you’ll have three options for campaign objectives:  Traffic, Conversions, and App Install.

After that, you have the option of selecting Daily Budget or Total Budget. But keep in mind that, in both of these options, the minimum amount needed is $500.

5. Define Your TikTok Ad Placements, Specifications, and Targeting

Now, select the place to run the ad on. You can choose to run it on TikTok alone. However, you have other options like Vigo Video (India), BuzzVideo, News Republic as well. If you select automatic placements, TikTok will decide where to put your ads for the best performance.

After that, add information like display names, images, and categories. There’s an option of adding a maximum of 20 keywords to explain your business for best exposure.

In the targeting phase, define your target audience using different parameters like age, gender, interest, etc.

6. Choose The Type Of TikTok Ad

TikTok has the following 3 types of ads:

Brand Takeovers

Whenever someone opens TikTok, they see a Brand Takeover. These are restricted to one advertiser a day and are mostly taken by big-name brands.

In-Feed Ads

These ads cost $10 CPM that makes them way cheaper than Brand Takeovers. These ad show in the feed when the user is scrolling through other videos.

Hashtag challenges

Brands also have the option to set up challenges where users are asked to record a video and then share it to TikTok with the given hashtag. It’s a great way to engage users.

Complete Guide for TikTok Ads

How to Optimize Your Tiktok Ads?

Now it’s time to make your ads more captivating. Keep these best practices in mind when creating TikTok ads:

Trendy ads: The key to advertising on Tiktok is keeping up with the trends. It’s better if your ad is based on hot trends and memes. You don’t always have to be unique on this platform because reactionary content is appreciated as well.

Ad images and videos should have better resolution than normal images and videos.

Be specific with the ad copy: You have just 80 characters for writing the ad copy, so use them wisely.

Use strong CTAs: This one is obvious. What do you want them to do? Is it downloading an app or getting the discounted coupon from your website? Compel them to take action using powerful words.

Final Words on TikTok Ads…

TikTok is a great platform to set trends. With the help of TikTok Ads, you can reach out to more people in no time.

Remember that advertising on TikTok is not feasible for every business.

If you think that your business is good for advertising on TikTok, use today’s article as a guide.

What are your views on TikTok ads? Do let me know in the comments. I would love to know them.

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