Top 5 Meeting Scheduling Apps In 2021

Top 5 Meeting Scheduling Apps In 2021

We spend a lot of time sending emails. Communication is important in business, but you might be spending too much time sending emails every day.

Did you know that only 20% of emails that are sent get opened? So spending extra time on things that don’t return much is not wise.

Meeting scheduling apps help you in this regard. They automate the process of scheduling meetings with both existing and potential clients.

But there should be more reasons to start using an appointment scheduling app.

ROI is a good reason: these types of apps help reduce your sales cycle length. And if the administration is not your thing, they reduce that burden.

Keep in mind the following qualities of an exceptional meeting scheduling app:

  • If you are using a calendar (which you must), it should sync with it.
  • It sends reminders about appointments.
  • It helps reduce the number of emails you send to schedule a meeting.

Keeping the following characteristics in mind, I’ll discuss 5 apps that will help with your sales process. This way, you’ll be able to book meetings according to your and your prospects’ schedules.

More importantly, they’ll help you reduce unnecessary emails for people to schedule time with you.

Read on to find more about these apps.

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Top Meeting Scheduling Apps


This helpful tool let you create meeting polls to send to clients. The free version suggests meeting dates and times and allows voting on dates as well. You can start with the free version, but if you want to access more features, the paid version is better.

Doodle’s premium pricing tier allows to set a deadline for the poll and collect contact information from meeting guests. Doodle helps you find a time to meet that works for all attendees. It also offers an interactive dashboard to manage all your meetings. Plus, you’ll remove ads if you are annoyed by them using the paid version.

This powerful tool offers to schedule for all your business needs. Whether you want to schedule meetings with clients, colleagues, and teams, it helps you achieve that. It’s also trusted by 30 million monthly users. Explore its free version today.

This tool lets you sync your Google Calendar so you can create a booking grid and start booking meetings. Then, you can share that grid on your website or social media. It also offers great features that let you add styles and manage your bookings.

It is easy to use, scalable, and more importantly, secure. This tool is compatible with your custom designs and languages other than English. It works well with Zoom, Gmail, Zapier, and Stripe.​


With this time-saver, you can schedule meeting easily. Integrating it with your calendar and other apps is so easy. Google, Office 365 and Outlook calendars, Salesforce, Stripe, GoToMeeting, and Zapier are just a few apps that work with it. Navigating availability and time zones are a couple of its cool features.

It also lets you collaborate with your team. You can also choose between email and message reminders, whichever one suits you better.

With a free version of Calendly, you can connect one calendar and book unlimited meetings. It also allows you to create a custom Calendly link and send out automatic email notifications and reminders to invitees who book with you.

With the paid version, you get different meeting types like one-on-one, round-robin, collective, and group meetings. If you want more features like reporting and team pages, the paid version will work for you.

This tool takes the work out of connecting with others so you can focus on more productive tasks. It is easy to use and provides a straightforward interface. If you are looking for a powerful yet simple automated scheduling tool, you should go with Calendly.

Acuity Scheduling

It lets you book appointments with clients and prospects. It will serve you best if you have a small to mid-size business.

Do you find yourself talking about your clients’ availability and time zones often? This tool saves you from frustrating, back-and-forth conversations. It integrates with different types of software such as accounting, analytics, email marketing, CRMs, and video conferencing. It also lets you send customized confirmations so you get a branded environment. You can send reminders via email as well as SMS.

You can think of it as your assistant. The difference is it will be available 24/7. It will let clients see your real-time availability and book their appointments anytime.

Using Acuity Scheduling, you won’t have to use a separate tool for accepting payments online. You can embed your Acuity scheduler into your website, social media, and marketing emails. Overall, it’s a useful and intuitive tool, both for you and your clients.

Meeting Scheduling Apps

HubSpot Sales Hub

This tool will help you more than meetings. It is a useful tool to boost your sales process. Although it’s powerful, it’s still easy to use.

Apart from scheduling, you’ll get sales analytics and sales engagement tools. HubSpot Sales Hub is a part of HubSpot CRM where you can manage different parts of your business. It provides an exceptional end-to-end customer experience.​

Final Words

There you have it: Top 5 meeting scheduling apps in 2021.

Try each one of them and see which one works for you. I hope you’ll find a tool that works for you.

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P.S. If you have any questions about this article, let me know in the comments below.

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