Top 7 Ways to Welcome Your New Email Subscribers

Someone subscribes to your email list because they have liked you and got interested in your business. So congratulations, you made a great first impression and came off as a good brand and start getting new email subscribers.

Now, you have to keep up that reputation. For that, welcome emails are a great start.

You work so much on your post-click landing page and sign-up form so that visitors sign up. After that, you have to make an effort on welcoming your new email subscribers. This is a great chance to “wow” them with your personality. If you grab their attention now, they will look forward to your next newsletter.

Welcome emails have a high open-rate of 50%, which is quite unusual in email marketing. This is quite high as compared to the average open rate of normal emails for all industries of 21.33%. So you’ll have more chances of getting results with welcome emails. On top of that, these emails are 86% more effective than newsletters. So looking at the data suggests that you should pay special attention to them.

Let’s learn 7 ways you can make welcome emails special.

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Say “Thank You”

The simple act of saying thank you does a great job in relationships. It shows that you have gratitude towards other person’s service. So always welcome new subscribers using thank you notes.

Let them know that you appreciate their opting in. You can do it by a simple line of text or use different types of images or graphics. GIFs are an option as well.

Try mixing up a sincere thank you message with some compelling imagery. It will have a  great impact.

Set Expectations

Welcome emails are a great place to talk about the content they will receive. You can also let them know how many times a week/month they can expect communications from you. This will ensure that your emails don’t get marked as spam. Being clear builds trust, which goes a long way in email marketing.

Some people make a purchase before opting in. You still want to make them feel at home by talking a little about yourself and setting expectations.

Introduce Yourself

Your About page is one of the most important and most visited pages on your website. Still, not everyone reads it before subscribing to your email list. So give them more information about you in the welcome email.

This is a starting point to start building trust. Tell them who you are, what you do, and how you can help them. The last part about helping them is really important. Focus on this because people care about what they are getting.

Encourage them to reply to your emails by sharing a little information about themselves as well.

During your email, try to personalize it. Let them know how only a handful of people subscribe to their emails because they see the value in it.

Deliver Your Incentive

This is important if you promised an incentive upon signup. Most likely, you had promised them for a free guide, course, promo code, or exclusive offer. Now is the time to share it.

Don’t keep them waiting. They may unsubscribe and talk negatively about you on review websites.

After sharing your incentive, make sure to offer up some helpful tips on how to redeem it. You don’t want people to end up confused.

If your product or service needs more information from users, your welcome email is a good time for that.

Share Helpful Resources

If you haven’t promised any incentives upon signup, you can guide people to help resources on your website or other channels. This will engage them with your brand and start learning more. Whatever useful content you have, share it with them. It can be blog posts, guides, or videos that will help you to get more new email subscribers.

Get Social

You can link out to your social channels. Apart from building engagement, it’ll have them connect with you on other platforms.

You can also encourage them to share your email with their friends and network.

Here’s an example of a welcome email:

Thanks for signing up for Brand updates. We’ll be sending you an email occasionally with everything good and new that you’ll probably want to know about: New products, power posts, and promo codes.

See you on Instagram!

Stay Connected

Finally, include contact information and encourage feedback. This way, your new subscribers will be able to resolve their issues immediately. This is just a tiny part of making your customer service process as smooth as can be.

Write More Engaging Welcome Email Today

Welcoming your new email subscribers is easy. You just have to be polite, give what you promised, and offer service. At the same time, it can be difficult to come up with the perfect email.

It’s important to start your new customer relationship off right by expressing sincere thanks. Then, consider some of the above formulas to increase engagement as you develop the relationship.

Use the methods I discussed in this article to write more engaging welcome emails. Keep in mind that they are just a beginning of a long email marketing journey.

What’s your take on email writing? Do you have some secret formula for it? Or do you play it by the ear? Either way, let me know in the comments below!

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