Twitter’s Upcoming Changes in 2021 – What You Need to Know

Twitter’s Upcoming Changes in 2021 – What You Need to Know

Updates always happen to provide a better user experience and to fulfill the needs of customers. Therefore, companies keep bringing changes to their systems. Adding updates is a continual process.

Firstly, Twitter is one of the largest social media platforms where more than 200 million active users share daily tweets. In the past decade, nothing has been changed that much in functionality, aside from Twitter’s dark mode.

This year, Twitter will introduce a new feature that will double its revenue by 2023. What is that strategy? And above all, how will the company make changes to achieve this revenue target? Let’s talk about Twitter’s Upcoming Changes in 2021.

To clarify, I have written this article to answer questions about Twitter’s upcoming changes in 2021.

Read on to find crazy insights.

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Super Follows

One of the most valuable features of 2021 is the “Super Follows.” It will allow users to pay for subscriptions for newsletters, specific follower badges.

As a result, It will also allow users to monetize their tweets. In conclusion, these types of tweets you will pay will have something deeper and great content. Subsequently, this will help businesses share their products with the existing followers if they are interested in buying.

Micro Communities

Soon, Twitter will introduce a new feature of micro-communities. That will allow users to create, discover, or join communities based on similar interests, for example, politics, women empowerment, or environmental health.

However, above all, users who run these communities will have to follow Twitter’s rules and regulations.

“We must improve at letting people have conversations that are more targeted to the relevant communities or geographies they’re interested in,” Beykpour said.


Safety Mode

To provide a harassment-free platform to their users, Twitter is going to bring a safety mode. This feature automatically detects when a user interacts with harmful content from others.

Twitter Fleets

Due to some social security issues, people hesitate to post a tweet. Therefore, Twitter has introduced its fleet feature, like Facebook, Snapchat, YouTube, or Instagram. Fleets would not be available after 24 hours. Users can only post or view Fleets on the Twitter mobile app.

Account Verification Program 2021

Twitter is going to relaunch its public verification program. Therefore, they shared its details in a blog post. After getting general feedback from more than 22000 survey responses, they decided to improve their policy. It helps you know more about the eligibility criteria and some other details of this verification.

Here are some of the critical features of the new verification policy:

  • The Requirements for verification do not include a profile picture and a header image.
  • Twitter is updating references with Wikipedia to align it to encyclopedias better.
  • To clarify, Titles of the “News” category have been to “News and Journalists,” “Sports” to “Sports and eSports,” and “Entertainment” to “Digital Content Creators.”
  • Minimum Followers count requirements have been updated from a specific country to a region to make it less susceptible to spam and more equitable across geographies.
  • Having inactive and incomplete accounts would result in the automatic removal of the verification badge.
  • You have complete account information if you fulfill all these requirements:
    • a verified email address or phone number
    • , a profile image
    • a display name

Also, you can read the new verification policy here.​

Twitter’s Upcoming Changes in 2021

Automated Accounts

Bots are accounts that are continuously sharing automatic tweets. For instance, these types of accounts share reports related to earthquake reports or self-care reminders.

Hence in 2021, Twitter will separate this account from human-run so that people may not confuse bots with humans. 

Memorial Accounts

It is crucial to continue a Twitter account in the memory of someone who has passed away. As a result, people want to remember the departed. Twitter talked earlier about this account type. Hence in 2021, Twitter is planning to build a specific account type designed for memorialized accounts.

Account Suspension Violating Twitter Rules

Twitter is going to suspend all the accounts that are violating Twitter rules. In January 2021, Twitter suspended @realDonaldTrump. Twitter posted, “they were highly likely to encourage and inspire people to replicate the criminal acts that took place at the U.S. Capitol on January 6, 2021.”

Subscription Services

Twitter is planning to add subscription services and other paid features to boost its revenue. As a result, they are considering ideas like “unsend” or access to their Tweetdeck app.

In a survey, Bloomberg asked users about the option they were willing to pay. Customers showed responses to pay for undoing send or editing tweet button.

Although, Twitter has denied sharing further clarifications about its edit feature.

Podcast App & improvement in Clubhouse Rival

Twitter is getting more serious about the audio-based feature. Hence, they acquired podcast listening app breakers and going to improve its spaces.

The breakers team is working on it to make it more efficient as a true podcast listing destination. Also, they are also making it a potential rival of Clubhouse.

Twitter Removes Ads Transparency Center

Twitter has eliminated its Ad Transparency Center that helped provide clarity to those who were researching ad campaigns.

The intention was to provide transparency into political issues. Although, as of October 2019, this feature has been eliminated from Twitter.

Wrapping Up

Changes and updates have been made from time to time for a better user experience. We have discussed all the changes related to Twitter in 2021. I think these changes will be helpful for users.

What is your opinion on the upcoming changes on Twitter? Do let me know in the comments below.

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