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Web Design that not only looks good, but is also geared towards generating the right traffic is now a necessity when creating your brand. Find out why below.

You need a web design company that offers real growth

As a web design company, Blue Waves Digital enables you to generate higher sales and leads. We achieve this by creating you a professional website, hardwired to perform.

As such, you get the ability to:

  • Quickly Update and Manage Content
  • Mobile Optimize your website
  • Functionality that is unique to you
  • Round the clock expert support

Are you ready for success with Blue Waves Digital?

Is your website a Lead Magnet, or Liability?

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At Blue Waves Digital, we do not believe in creating mediocre website design. As such, our work focuses on lead generation and eCommerce solutions. Our expert team comes from diverse backgrounds. For instance, we have project managers, expert web-designers, animators, and SEO experts.

Are you looking for a simple informational website or a complicated data-driven eCommerce store? Above all, Blue Waves Digital holds the in-house technical know-how and creativity needed to make it happen. As such, we closely work with you to gain a thorough understanding of your goals and deliver.

While seeking the best web design company, you may have thought, “How many web design companies are there?”. Also, you may have even tried some of them.

Perhaps it’s time to work with a results-driven website design company

Establishing a sustainable web presence, along with effective marketing, encompasses a lengthy process. For example, you may spend hours looking for services provided by website designers, content writers, and digital marketers.

We save you time by offering all these services and more! In other words, there is no need for you to deal with multiple parties.

What is the best web design company?

Are you wondering how do I choose a web design company? If so, here are the key ingredients that deliver the superior web design we offer. You should expect these from any web design company worth its salt:

Take Overall Devices

We design each of our websites to be mobile friendly to capitalize on leads, enhance brand exposure, and gain traffic. Also, the focus is not only on desktop computers but on smartphone and tablet users as well. Therefore, ensure that your website looks elegant on all platforms through smart layouts tested adequately before going live.

An exclusive Web Design

We let each of our clients dictate their specific terms for a website. As a result, we accurately portray their brand’s values and meets long-term goals.

An exceptional ability to manage your website

We integrate user-friendly content management systems with easily navigable design. In other words, we ensure that updating and making additions to your site becomes easy for you.

Search Marketing Power

We have an internal team comprised of digital marketing and SEO guru’s geared up to handle your SEO. Above all, audience research, analytics, and robust digital strategies power us. Our web design solutions attract the right visitors.

High Responsiveness

Responsive Web design is essential for an on-the-go audience with low attention spans. Also, the lack of a responsive design means you may damage your brand and get less traffic. You may even end up losing leads. Therefore, we focus on building intuitive, navigable, and easy-to-use sites, optimized for micro-interactions.

Converting visitors into customers

Through a robust planning process, we determine what a “conversion” for your website means. For instance, does it mean new sales orders or submission of a contact form? Is it an email from the visitor? This conversion goal guides the entire process from design and coding to the content.

A Conversion Focused Web Design For Every User and Every Device

As a results-oriented web design company, we are committed to creating digital experiences centered around your brand. As such, it relies on web standards, optimization, and best practices. We deliver results that are fast, responsive, and user-friendly. As a result, our work has created higher conversion rates and user engagement metrics.

Our Methodology

We realize that your website is your most significant digital asset. As a result, our team undertakes detailed project planning with multiple checkpoints and action items. We do this to ensure that we take all aspects of the web design into account.

Here is how we create the best web design for you:

The Discovery Phase

This initial phase consists of our research efforts. We work on the relevant data to identify unique opportunities—newer design ideas, ongoing and upcoming trends, etc.

Strategy Development

We develop a strategy that leverages the latest trends and technology for the best possible results in collaboration with you.

Wireframe Designing

We create the blueprint for user navigation that leads towards a better implementation of the web design. By reflecting the analytics and digital insights in the wireframe, we set the basis for meaningful web design.


Using the ideas of proven solutions and time-tested strategies, we create a user-centered and brand-focused experience. As a result, the development phase involves the efforts that go into UI/UX design. To clarify, we maximize user experience and user testing.


Once all the elements are in place with the necessary groundwork, we launch an impactful website.

Our professional web design services comprise the following:

Website wireframe creation and planning

We undertake the wireframe design process at the beginning of each project with your input. As such, It ensures that we are working on areas critical to your website’s success.

Market research

Conducting market research to analyze and understand your competitors is a crucial aspect of web design. As a result, it leads to identifying what works for your top competitors and lets us strategize better.

HTML/CSS and WordPress Development

Going beyond the design process, we offer HTML, CSS, and Javascript development. As a result, this ensures that your website does not fall behind in any aspect. Moreover, we also engage in expert WordPress development. It involves custom WordPress interfaces and the incorporation of newer functionalities to your WordPress panel.

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