Website Hosting – The best WordPress platforms to use in 2021

Website hosting is one of the critical components of website performance. It plays a crucial role in how you deliver information to customers and how you present your website. Without proper hosting, your website performance will be unpredictable, which could cost you, valuable website visitors. Regardless of how you design your website, hosting still plays a significant role in the overall performance.

When it comes to hosting, most people are often left in the dark about which platform they should choose. In reality, there are hundreds of different hosting options that you can choose from. However, the goal is to find something that suits the needs of your website. Some websites require more storage capacity, while others focus more on speed.

If you only look for the cheapest option, you may be compromising on quality. There are many factors that you should consider before choosing the best WordPress website hosting platforms. Speed, uptime, website loading time, storage, and overall performance are just some of the factors to keep in mind.

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Parameters for choosing the best WordPress Hosting


When it comes to hosting, one of the most important factors is the speed of your website. Nowadays, people judge a site on the loading time and how well it performs. There is no use in having a website that takes forever to load.

There are so many options in front of a customer. They will simply visit a competitor’s website if your one takes too long to load. Right hosting platforms will provide optimal loading speed, usually less than 2 seconds.

Storage capacity

Another factor to consider is the storage that the hosting provides. Some sites need more storage because they focus on adding unique content. If you have a news website, your primary focus will be updating and adding new content to the site. The same goes for websites that have a blog that is updated regularly.

Customer support

The best WordPress website hosting platforms have the best support for their users. It is something that you should check before you buy the hosting. If there is something wrong with your site, such as a crash, you should have 24-hour support to resolve it. Most good hosting platforms provide 24/7 support to their customers.

Website migration

Another essential factor to consider is website migration. If you feel that a specific hosting plan is not for you, you can change to a different method. You can even migrate from cloud hosting to dedicated hosting or between various hosting providers. The best hosting providers have the option for free migration, although some charge a fee.

The Best WordPress Hosting Platforms

The best WordPress website hosting platforms


Hostgator is often regarded as one of the best hosting platforms in terms of overall performance. They also provide excellent value for money. The cheapest hosting plan allows you to get a loading time of 273ms. They also offer free support and unlimited bandwidth. The best part about this is that you get unlimited storage.

If you compare Hostgator to other platforms, then their speed is what makes them stand out. If you have an e-commerce site or target landing pages, you need hosting with more speed. In such cases, Hostgator is your best option. You can also get free site migration, which is an additional perk for using their hosting.


When it comes to reliability, Bluehost is one of the best hosting platforms out there. Many WordPress experts recommend them because of their reliability and stable hosting. Bluehost provides the best value for money, especially if your website is new or just starting. Their hosting is perfect for smaller businesses, although they have advanced plans for all types of websites.

The thing that makes Bluehost stand out is free SSL for a year and free domain name. If you need a reliable hosting platform, then Bluehost is the one.

Site Ground

Site Ground is another WordPress hosting platform that provides excellent benefits to its users. There are close to a million domains registered with this hosting provider, making it a popular option. In terms of uptime, they are the leaders. You can get up to 99.99% uptime with this hosting.

Other benefits include free SSL and free site migration. They also have an option for free Google cloud servers. The only downside is that it is marginally more expensive than some hosting providers. However, the value is worth the extra cost. One thing worth mentioning is that you get free 24-hour support with this platform.

Dream Host

If you are looking for hosting that provides excellent value for money, then consider Dream Host. They provide unlimited storage and bandwidth with their hosting plans. If you have a large website, this could be especially beneficial. Their usability is also on par with the market leaders, and they provide one-click WordPress install.

One of the best things about Dream Host is getting a custom WordPress dashboard and automatic updates. It saves a lot of time and effort and helps you focus on other aspects of your website. In terms of usability, Dream Host is one of the best WordPress hosting options.


Hostinger is one of the hosting providers that provide international benefits or customers. They have a decent hosting platform with reasonable speed and excellent uptime. What makes them stand out is that they have different servers in Europe, Asia, and the USA. It is helpful for the site’s speed and accessibility.

Final Thoughts on WordPress Hosting Platforms

While all of these hosting platforms provide unique benefits, it’s up to you to see which one fits your budget. You should also decide whether you prefer reliability, loading speed, or storage capacity. If you have any questions regarding the best WordPress hosting sites, then comment below. We’d love to hear your thoughts!


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