WordPress and Click Funnels – Why I Use both in My Digital Marketing

5 Reasons Why I Use WordPress and Click Funnels in My Digital Marketing

If you are related to digital marketing, you probably have heard of WordPress and Click Funnels. A lot of people discuss how they should be used for whatever reason. But what I have found is that using them both is the best option for me.

I use WordPress for my standard websites + blogs, and click funnels for my lead magnets + sales pages. So I thought I should discuss why I use these tools for my business. Hopefully, they will help you as well!

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Top 5 Reasons to Use WordPress

WordPress is free software that gives you the freedom to download, install, use, and modify it as per your needs. What kind of website you want to make; E-commerce, blog, or just a simple portfolio website? You name it, WordPress will let you create it. Although it’s free to use, you’ll need a domain name and web hosting to install it.

Being a free tool might not convince you to use it, so let’s get into some solid reasons:

It’s Highly Customizable

Most people who use WordPress has no prior knowledge of designing websites. So it becomes a great option for non-tech savvy people because of the wide variety of themes and plugins it offers. No matter what kind of website you are going to build, it has a theme for that.

It comes with an options panel that allows you to change colors, create sliders, and do other customizations without writing a line of code. It also allows you to add custom functionality using plugins. These plugins are like apps that you use to add features like membership area, contact forms, etc.

Read my guide on the top 5 plugins for 2021 here.

It’s SEO-Friendly

If you are new to websites, you probably won’t know about SEO. But after a while, you’ll realize that you need to do its SEO to rank it on Google search results.

WordPress offers a good foundation for SEO because its code is high-quality and produces semantic results. It’s the same reason why WordPress sites tend to rank higher than others in search engines. Plus, you can further use its plugins to optimize your website.

WordPress is Easy to Manage

This tool offers a built-in updates management system that updates the plugins and themes from the admin dashboard. And whenever the latest version of WordPress is available, it notifies you about it. With the WordPress mobile apps, you can manage your site on the go.

It Can Handle Different Media Types

It’s not just made for handling text. Using its media uploader, it can handle images, audio, and video files as well. It also supports oEmbed enabled websites that lets you embed YouTube videos, Instagram posts, and Tweets by pasting the URL in the post editor.

It’s Safe and Secure

Security is a major concern these days. That’s why it is developed with security as a priority. It also offers a backup plugin that you can use for data protection against any hacks.

Top 5 Reasons to Use Click Funnels

ClickFunnels is an online software program that you can use for leads magnet and sales pages. I think that anyone involved with online sales should use this useful tool.

It helps you make a series of web pages that guide customers through certain steps and lead to a specific goal. Most of the time, that goal is the purchase of a product.

Let’s look at a few other reasons you should use it:

It’s a Feature-Rich Tool

It will help you boost traffic and get a higher conversion rate using its amazing features. As a result, you can manage everything from a single dashboard.

You don’t need to buy separate tools if you use ClickFunnels, because it will let you create your website or landing page. You won’t need an external Email service provider as Clickfunnels comes with ESP tools like MailChimp, Drip, Aweber, etc. Integration of other software into Clickfunnels is quite simple. Last, but not least, you can use it easily even if you don’t have a technical background.

Use It for Any Type of Business You Might Have

Whether you have a consulting website or an e-commerce store, you can use it to get high conversion rates. Using this tool, you can also help your client achieve their marketing goals.

It offers a variety of templates for different purposes. For Lead Magnets, Digital Downloads, Webinars, and Sales Pages, you won’t need to build anything from scratch. Any member of your team can edit these templates in a few minutes, even if they don’t have a technical or design background.

Everything Is Interconnected with WordPress and Click Funnels

You don’t need to combine different systems like a page builder, shopping cart, eCommerce tool, email marketing tool, or CRM separately. Everything is interconnected which will help you make sales quickly.

It’s Trusted by Industry

Russell Rabichev, Marketing Director of Internet Marketing Company says,

“Using ClickFunnels will help your business grow and considerably increase the number of clients. Everything is clean, customizable, and tested, so you don’t have to worry that you will work with faulty or low-quality products”,.

Katelyn Silva from The Author Mentor says,

“ClickFunnels makes my business look professional and feels like it adds that extra ‘pop’ to really wow both new and repeat customers.

ClickFunnels has amazing customer support. Even when I’m confused on something, I feel completely confident that it will be resolved with a member of their support team.”

Pricing Flexibility

It offers you a 14-day free trial. I’m quite sure that you’ll be convinced once you are done with the free trial. Once you make your mind about buying a subscription, it offers you great flexibility.

The pricing will depend on your needs. The basic package at $97 per month offers users up to 20 funnels, 100 landing pages, and landing page traffic of 20,000. The platinum package is at $297/month that will let you create unlimited funnels and landing pages. Choose a package according to your requirements.

wordpress and click funnels

Final Words

I have given you solid reasons to use WordPress and Cickfunnels. I use them for my business every day. Now it’s up to you; Go ahead and try them out. I’m sure that you’ll love them!

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