How to Write an Appealing About Us Page In 2021

How to Write an Appealing About Us Page In 2021

Humans get attached to stories. We enjoy them in the forms of movies or novels even when they have no connection with reality. They are a big part of us.

Stories have made their way to the web. For brands, it’s in the form of the About Us page.

This page is one of the most visited pages on your website. Why? Because people want to know who you are, why you do what you do, and why you are different.

So your About Us page should tell your story most compellingly. It should let them know why you matter in this noisy world.

Let’s learn how to write an appealing about us page in 2021.

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How to Write an About Us Page

The About Us page that appeal to people tells a brand story. For stories, we need a protagonist. In some cases, it can be the founder of the company. While in other cases, the company itself can be the main character.

In stories, we begin from one place and end up in another. For About Us, you should do the same in some way.

Here’s a formula that’ll help you write an About Us page:

  • Give some background. Set the scene for your readers. This is about introducing the characters. Talk about how things were for you or your audience.
  • Introduce the problem. Discuss the problem that the main character had to do something about.
  • Then, talk about how the main character went after the problem to find a solution. Also, mention the troubles you faced along the way.
  • Pitch the solution. Talk about the solution and how you are achieving your purpose.
  • Don’t stop at the solution. Tell people how you want to move forward.
  • Envision what’s next. Paint a picture of the future for your company or state its mission and goals.

This formula is meant to give you an idea of how to craft a narration. Now, let’s discuss a few components of an About Us page.​

Your Business Model

This can be your unique selling proposition. What is the special thing about your brand that no one else offers? Include that on the About Us page. Examples could be:

  • You save money for your clients by cutting out the middleman.
  • Are you providing jobs to a certain community?
  • Do you give a percentage of your profit to charity?
  • You can also discuss your supply chain, the working of your business, and your mission.

These things separate you from the crowd. People connect to brands that have aspirational goals that everyone can be a part of. They don’t want a brand that just cares for the money.

Take the example of Harley Davidson. They believe that freedom is exhilarating. They don’t come across as another motorcycle company. Their story is unique. They believe in things like the timeless pursuit of adventure and freedom for the soul. No wonder why this brand is a cultural phenomenon.

You can show your business model with an illustration or infographic as well. Text is in the form of paragraphs is good, but visuals make it more digestible.​

Press Mentions, Testimonials, and Awards

Social proof is another way to stand out from the competition. Visit a website that has just one mention from a top magazine like Inc., Entrepreneur, or Forbes. You’ll notice that how much it adds to their credibility.

However, not everyone gets mentions from top companies. If you are like one of them, don’t worry. Brands that are recognized now started from scratch.

So you should focus on hard work. Meanwhile, gather reviews from your existing clients, even if they are not some big-name brands. Remember to get honest reviews only.

You’ll find people buying fake reviews. I don’t think that one can succeed in the long term by relying on unethical measures.

You can embed Instagram galleries of customer content, feature the logos of publications that have covered you, or highlight a great customer review.

Apart from reviews and press mentions, you can include user-generated content on your About Us page. This shows that your brand is impacting people’s lives.​


Like narration, numbers help in stories. In fact, you can find entire courses online on the subject of data storytelling.

This helps when you are discussing a problem. For example, you can talk about how many kids drop out of high school in the US every day. And that your brand is giving a share of its profit to charity organizations that curb that problem.

You can use data to make a point in many situations. It can also quantify your impact as a business.​

About Us Page

Your Team

As I told earlier, people love stories. So when people are at the core of the story, it connects more with readers.

When you include a face, it humanizes your brand. It lets people know about the culture of your business.

You can discuss your founders. You can also talk about current employees and build a more personal brand.

Breaking up the text with a video or photos is a good idea. You can also add behind-the-scenes photos of your business.​

Social Media Links and Calls To Action

Guide people towards action and then you can lead visitors to other pages on your site.

You can also encourage them to follow your social accounts. You can use the About Us page to grow your email list, check out your products, or read your blog.

How do you write an About Us page? What’s your secret method? Do let me know in the comments below.

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