YouTube Stories – Is it Worth Using?

In this article, you’ll learn about the details of YouTube stories. We’ll talk about what they are, are they worth using, how to create them, and more.

First, let’s clear that they are not like Instagram stories. They use a different approach. Let’s learn more things you need to know about YouTube stories as a marketer.

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What Are YouTube Stories

When they began to roll out in early 2018, they were first called YouTube reels. You will find similarities with Snapchat and other social media sites.

Now that they are fully out, you can create them if you have a YouTube channel with more than 10,000 subscribers. If you have just reached the 10,000 subscribers mark, it may you 4 weeks to use this feature. You can connect with your audience using short video content and images whenever you like in the day.

Your audience can comment on your posts which makes them more engaging. Moreover, those comments are available to all of your community, similar to normal YouTube comments. Similarly, other members can like, dislike, or give a heart to these comments. All of this adds to the engagement.

You can moderate Stories comments the same way you would do on a regular video because the same tools are available at your disposal.

Now let’s move on to an important question: How long do YouTube stories last?

This is the main difference between YouTube Stories and other stories formats. Many platforms use a 24-hour lifespan. However, YouTube gives you a lifespan of 7 days.

The same goes for comments. They will also disappear after 7 days. But as the story creator, you’ll have the privilege to see them for 30 days in YouTube Studio.

Are They Worth Using YouTube Stories

You have seen that these stories give you a wide lifespan and commenting option to create engaging content. Now let’s explore why they are worth it and how to use YouTube stories strategically.

Reach New Markets

There may be other ways to reach new markets using stories but I’ll share one with you. You can work with someone in your niche who offers services that complement yours. Make sure that they are not your competitors.

Ask them to make three short videos talking about their services and send them to you so you can upload them to your stories. Make similar videos for yourself and send them for their stories. This way, you’ll be exposed to new markets.

If you are worried about the comments don’t worry, ask them to add you as a comment moderator so you can tackle comments related to your business.

Generate Warm Leads

This is simple. Post a story that asks people a question about a problem they have, and then ask them to answer it in the comments.

After publishing the story, share a link to your lead magnet in the comments. This way, you’ll get many leads.

This simple trick can work for webinar sign-ups, email subscriptions, event ticket sales, and course registrations.

YouTube Stories

Build Community Relationships

Relationships are crucial for business. People buy after they see value in the brand and form an emotional connection. Posting stories consistently is a surefire way to achieve that.

Engage with people using the Reply in Story option. People will know that a company’s representative is interested and answering their queries.

Make a habit of spotlighting loyal customers. This will turn them into brand advocates.

Announce a Product Launch

Have a product launch soon? Sending an email to your email list is good, but you should also share this exciting news with the YouTube community. Add the link to a full press release or a landing page. Adding a Breaking News sticker will also make it exciting.

You can use this trick to share other breaking news as well. It will set you as an industry leader.

How to Create YouTube Stories for Your Channel or Watch Page

You can’t use YouTube Creator Studio for creating Stories. For that, use YouTube Play App.

Click on the camera plus icon in the YouTube app. After that, tap the Story icon.

Here, you have to option to add a saved photo or video from your mobile device, or you can add new a photo or video.

The platform also offers you a few editing tools to enhance your posts. You can also delete a specific video or image from your story. There’s an option to add music, insert links, and add text or stickers as well.

When you’re happy with the content, tap Save and then tap Post to deliver your story.

Pro Tip: You can repurpose your YouTube stories for Facebook, Instagram, or even YouTube later. Just save it to your device once you create them. Also, use the analytics to improve your stories over time.


YouTube stories launched as Reels but have changed a lot since then. The criteria for creating them is to have at least 10,000 subscribers. A prominent feature is that they last 7 days, as compared to 24 hours on most social media platform’s stories.

The bottom line is this: YouTube Stories are worth it. You can reach new markets and attract more leads. By putting content slowly and consistently, you’ll position yourself as an authority.

Does your channel have this feature yet? If so, are you loving it? How long will you use this feature? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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